About Vettri Technologies

Vettri Technologies is a Chennai-India based an end-to-end e-business solution and software development company that provides innovative IT Software services throughout the World Wide Web. We have 20+ certified techies and 25 more that have expertise in Software Development, Web Development, Web Design and Search Engine Optimization services.

We deliver the highest quality products by strictly adhering to a set of well-defined processes in the software development life cycle. Innovation and creativity are applied throughout the process to consistently meet or exceed the expectations of our customers.

Our Expertise

We analyze your requirements formulate a customized approach to carry out the project. Even with your project details moving off-shore, we ensure that there are minimal adjustments on your part, if at all there are any, and the project runs smoothly throughout.

Our Team

We have a team of professionals, with a blend of experience and expertise, coming from varied fields and sectors. Their exposure to the workings in international markets helps them clearly understand the global perspectives of our customers. Our staff takes keen interest in your project and keeps in touch throughout the process so as to facilitate effective communication.

Our Belief

We believe that for any company to become an industry leader, customer satisfaction is the prime step. And we work on the same philosophy to provide our clients with solutions that boast of excellence.

Privacy Policy

At Vettri, we understand your concerns regarding the confidentiality and privacy of the critical data of your company. And we maintain stringent security norms to ensure that your valuable information is safe.

Our Promise

We promise to give you outstanding results for all the trust that you invest on us. We get you solutions that not only address the business processes of your company but also place you ahead of your competition.

Industry Focus

Banking, Chemicals & Petroleum, Electronics, Government, Insurance, Retail, Telecommunications

Requirement Gathering, Analysis And Specifications

Requirement gathering is the one of the first step in the process of developing type of software, while extracting the required information from the customers, they probably may believe they that they know what they want in the required software but it requires a professional skill and experience in software engineering to recognize incomplete, contradictory or ambiguous requirements. At this step we analysis experts play a critical role in getting the information from the clients in such a technique that there remains no scope for incomplete, contradictory or ambiguous requirement.

After the detailed requirement gathering, our analysis experts put their heads together to analyze what exactly customer require in the software and how it is technically and financially feasible keeping a desired amount of time and resources, upon which a precisely describing specifications of the software are written in a mathematically rigorous way which takes entire software product development process in to its next stage.

Software Design And Production

Depending upon the specification received from the previous stage of the software product development a precise design and architecture explaining step by step functionality of the software is developed which will act as a roadmap for the developers to code the functionalities of software in a modular approach.

System Integration And Testing

As each module of the overall software product will come practically in to its shape, it will be subjected to the testing for verification and validation purpose because testing a process of verification which means to identify the correctness, correctness and quality of subjected module of the software where as validation identifies the relevancy of the developed module with reference to the customer requirement.

As each module of the developing software qualifies itself from the various standardize testing processes like white-box testing and white-box testing, a new process of integrating individual modules will be stated in order to achieve the complete software product, this process is referred as system integration and system then will be subjected to system testing which will identifies any communication flaws and defects that will only surface when a complete system is assembled. That is, defects that cannot be recognized to individual modules. System testing will follow a series of tests designed to ensure that the modified modules interacts accurately with the other integrated system modules to perform in the prescribed directions to maintain overall integrity, security and configuration sensitivities of the system.

Training & Implementation

Once complete system is developed and qualifies the testing phases it will be ready for installations at the customer end for its use, once the system is successfully implemented a complete training by professional trainers will be provided to the users of the software which helps users to utilize the newly implemented system with its utmost potential.

Maintenance & Support

We provides full support to its customers by taking constant feedback and post installation working complexities which will be taken care by technical support team who will facilitate the user in case of any issues if occur in smooth functioning of the implemented software. We also facilitate user by providing maintenance of deliver software. It is a process of fixing bugs or adding minor enhancements to the software before the release of the new version of the software.