Content Management System

A content management system is web based software application for organizing and facilitating website management through a web browser. A content management system is frequently a web application used for managing websites and web content. It is designed for non technical users to add or edit content, upload and add image and to manage the web content. Static websites are passe. With challenges everyday in online era, businesses have to keep their website active and updated. Search engines like websites which are updated frequently. WordPress, Joomla are some of the leading open source CMS which we work.

Vettri Technologies welcomes you all to come and discover the wide array of CMS made simple Development Services. We have proficient team of designers and developers having capability to deal with Open Source CMS made simple based developments. Furthermore, we provide our clients owing a site with CMS made simple power along with additional CMS made simple development services. With huge amount of easy-to-adaptable functionality, CMS made simple enables web designers to mix up various modules required to customize websites.

Important Features Of CMS Made Simple CMS

  • Site engines completely driven by database
  • Product or service related content are easily manageable
  • Templates can be easily customizable
  • Contributing authors get the help to add to various topic sections
  • Image uploading in the library is easy
  • Provide support for multiple languages
  • Dynamic Forum for immediate results